Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Curfew and outdoor masks are back

Regions and municipalities are running for cover against the increase in infections: in some territories, a curfew and the obligation of outdoor masks are reintroduced. Let’s see where and what the new measures are.

The introduction of the super green pass is upon us. But the Regions are not enough: they reiterate their request to reward those who get vaccinated and to introduce greater restrictions on no vaxes and they go ahead by putting in place more restrictive measures.

In some territories, regional presidents or mayors are introducing new restrictive rules to avoid a further increase in infections. In South Tyrol, the curfew returns while in Sicily and some municipalities such as Padua and Venice the obligation of outdoor masks returns. Let’s see what are the new restrictions introduced locally.

The curfew is back in South Tyrol

To introduce more stringent restrictions is South Tyrol: the governor Arno Kompatscher has ordered the closure of discos, dance halls, theaters, and cinemas. In addition, the curfew is back from 8 to 5 in the morning.

Bars and restaurants will close as early as 6 pm. This is, in fact, a return to red zone rules. Furthermore, in the municipalities where the red zone has been foreseen – there are 20 throughout the province – it will be mandatory to wear Ffp2 masks in the shops. The new measures were introduced to avoid a generalized lockdown and risks to trade and tourism ahead of Christmas.

New restrictions on masks and tampons in Sicily

The president of the Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci, introduced from November 18 the obligation for all over 12 to always carry the mask with them and wear it even in crowded outdoor places.

The squeeze in Sicily also affects those arriving in the Region from countries with the most infections: mandatory tampons are foreseen in airports and ports for those coming from Germany and the United Kingdom. Same measures that were already foreseen for arrivals from the United States, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, and the Netherlands.

In Valle d’Aosta no visits to RSA

The president of Valle d’Aosta, Renzo Testolin, has signed an ordinance that introduces a ban on entry to external people in public, private and affiliated residential social-health and social-welfare structures. The structures must in any case guarantee long-distance relationships between guests and family members through video calls and other means of communication, at least twice a week.

The squeeze in the municipalities: quota entrances and masks

The squeeze also affects the municipalities. In Naples, for example, Mayor Gaetano Manfredi will sign an ordinance to limit access to the streets of the Decumani during the Christmas period: entrances will be limited. In Venice, the obligation of outdoor masks returns in the historic center in correspondence with some events and possible gatherings.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has ordered the obligation in the case of fairs, markets, and Christmas events. Masks to be worn even in pedestrian one-way streets and where it is impossible to respect the distance.

Similar measures are also adopted by the mayor of Padua, Sergio Giordani: the mayor has announced an ordinance that introduces the obligation of outdoor masks throughout the historic insurance center from November 26th to December 31st.

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