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Cuddle Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

The Sleepsia’s Cuddle Pillow or body pillow is a full-body support solution for eager moms and will uphold your back forestalling sciatica and lower back torment. It additionally tucks between your knees for assist with back agony and temperature control, while supporting your stomach. This the gentlest pillow you will at any point feel. It is genuinely similar to an encouraging embrace. The Pillow accompanies a Zippered Cover.


For what reason you’ll adore it:


  • Extraordinary ergonomic plan.
  • Advances legitimate arrangement for side sleepers.
  • Pressure-alleviating solace.


Free Shipping and free returns in the US


  • We transport in the United States from stockroom accomplices.


Steady solace that cuddle you back.


  • Our ergonomic turn configuration easily shapes to your body to adjust you for better rest.
  • Eases tension on your arms and legs for full-body help.
  • Extraordinary body-length shape impeccably fits among arms and legs for the entire night solace.


Body Pillow Aligns to your body


This cuddle pillow Ideal for side sleepers, including the women who are pregnant, the ergonomic bend configuration shapes to your body to adjust you for better rest easily.


Pressure-alleviating solace


Place cuddle body pillow between your knees. Fold your arms over it. The Cuddle Pillow mitigates tension on your arms and legs for full-body help.


Best cuddle buddy


Intended to be cuddled, the remarkable body length shape impeccably fits between your arms and legs for the entire night solace.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a body pillow great for?

Other than being the ideal snuggle sidekick, a body pillow likewise assists with easing pressure put on the appendages during rest for most extreme solace. Essentially place it between your knees with your arms folded over it to offer additional help and lighten tension on both the arms and legs.


It’s additionally the best body pillow for pregnant side sleepers, who might be encountering an expanded measure of pressure and strain on their bodies all through the pregnancy.


Our Cuddle Body Pillow includes an ergonomic bend plan that shapes to you and adjusts your body for better rest. When you experience the advantages, you’ll see the reason why this is one of our priority room fundamentals.


Is a body pillow great for side sleepers?

That is precisely who they’re made for! While body pillows are normally utilized as a pregnancy pillow, they are brilliant for the side rest position. By folding their arms and legs over it, a body pillow for side sleepers eases pressure put on those appendages from a side-rest position. This body pillow frequently prompts a substantially more agreeable side-dozing experience around evening time.


Could you at any point wash a body pillow?

You can eliminate the front of a body pillow a lot of similarly you strip sheets or a pillow case. Machine-wash the cover in chilly water and dry level.


The actual pillow ought to be spot cleaned as it were. Spot cleaning body pillows, alongside often lightening them, will assist them with holding their shape and agreeableness for the overwhelming majority sluggish evenings to come.

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