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Cloud PBX System: A Simple Guide to Understand What is Could PBX & How it Works?

The term Cloud PBX has been in use for as long as communications over the internet date back. It’s a history of revolutionizing communication methods that have shaped today’s businesses’ needs & wants & helped all ventures in achieving a better output by utilizing systems like Cloud PBX to its core. It’s not an overstatement to say that businesses have got successful portfolios because of the Cloud PBX system, along with many other things. Such is the importance of having a modernized hosted PBX phone network.

You might be familiar with Cloud PBX & but still, to enhance your knowledge about this business-friendly & cost-efficient technology, we’ve prepared this simple guide to discuss everything about Cloud PBX.

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is also known as Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phoning system that uses internet protocol (IP) to connect multiple connections at one single time without the help of any physical entity i.e. wires, router, etc. Cloud PBX doesn’t use any of modem or wires to connect one local phone to the other. It’s a virtual phoning system that is entirety IP-based & uses the internet for any kind of business communications. In simple words, Cloud PBX (or Hosted PBX) is a technology that works as a bridge between many communication channels, only that bridge exists not in physical form but over the internet.

It’s opposite to what standard telephone services provide. It’s much powerful, more convenient & richest in features. It transfers calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) using a third-party internet service provider.

Advantages of Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX has benefited businesses, big or small, in multifarious ways. But one that catapults it into the limelight, where it becomes the choice of many, is its cost-efficiency & reliability. However, it’s advantages cannot be limited to cost-cutting & robustness. It provides many interesting features about managing & customizing office phone system that proves it’s worthiness. It aids you in enhancing your scalability, flexibility & gives you an extended presence.

  • Lucrative

Cloud PBX is more lucrative to that of standard telephone service as it helps you fling out superfluous hardware from the office which requires maintenance every next month & also occupy significant space in the workplace. It saves you thousands of dollars that you invest in buying equipment whenever you transfer your location to somewhere else or in case of the addition of one more channel. Hosted PBX provides you independency in as far as communication is concerned. It takes care of your phone needs whether you are in office, in the car, at home, or anywhere else. You can even monitor the progress of work from your breakfast table.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is what endorsed the most when it comes to the Cloud PBX. And for very good reasons. As a hosted solution, Cloud PBX doesn’t require you to shift equipment (or buy a new one) while changing the location of the workplace. It allows you to keep the same contact details. Moreover, with a hosted PBX, you can be reachable wherever you want & conduct business contact from anywhere. All you need is simply a stable internet connection. Increasing the number of extensions or channels was never so easy with Cloud PBX as it authorizes you to increase or decrease effortlessly as per your needs.

  • Online Management

With Hosted PBX, there’s a diversity of options to set up phone network for administrators & employees. They can add users, create specific groups & scrutinize monthly reports from the online portal. Employees can have their separate portal as well where they can check the directory of calls, voicemails, and do other things.

Features of Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is rich in features & extends itself to a great extent in order to embrace many amazing features. Few are below:

Conference calling: Unlike other traditional phone services, Cloud PBX can support upto thousands calls at a single time

Auto-attendant: Auto-attendants work as virtual receptionists which direct callers to their designated end. For example, they accommodate callers by attending the call & asking them to press a specific number to talk to that particular person/department

 Speed-dialing: Cloud PBX one of the most exciting feature. Employees, instead of dialing the number to the tail, can just dial a few specific number to connect with co-workers

Text-messaging: Cloud PBX allows unlimited texts within business lines

Video calling/conferencing: Video conferencing is worthmentioning feature of Cloud PBX. It not only allows video sharing, but it let presenter to present a specific document ot presentation to other viewers upto 1,000 people (number can vary to package subscription)

Unlimited calling: Users can do unlimited calling with no extra charges

Call queue: This feature puts incoming calls on hold until an employee is available to recieve the call

Why Choose Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX provides one of the finest cloud based phone system in contemporary history of telecom. It enhances business capabilities & provides agile communication network that also with lowest costs. It’s amazing & productive features are the testament of it’s success in near past & present & its benefits are inevitable. Businesses have flourished without any deterrence with the help of this Hosted PBX. Let us reiterate that this cloud based phone system is strongly recommended for you.

How does Cloud PBX work?

Cloud PBX runs its whole operation around the Internet. If you have a mobile or laptop that has the internet access, you can jump into Cloud PBXs interface software anytime, anywhere. It works only by connecting to the Internet so it is important to have a stable connection 24/7.

Cloud PBX’s interface software usually can be accessed via user ID & password, provided by the service provider but if you are logging from a new device, you’ll have to certify the device first. After that, you can explore different areas of user panel. The device registered on Cloud PBX connection operates with the help of middleware software that allows multiple devices on hosted VoIP simultaneously.

A Cloud PBX call’s process is not so difficult to grasp. As the cloud network are dependent on the stable connection of internet, when a number from cloud based phone system is dialed, it is communicated  to your service provider & then it is connected to the other end.

Cloud PBX is a need of the hour

With the world marching towards to more technological advancements, businesses are relying on modern technologies to enhance their circle. Cloud PBX, in this context, is a need of the hour. More & more business are shifting their communication networks over Hosted PBX from standard phone services. We hope we have provided enough information to help you make a right decision.

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