Tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Chetan Rana

Chetan Rana was born on 29th January 1990 in a small town called Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He has completed his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Science, and later, he pursued Network Engineering Diploma from DN Degree College at Meerut in Uttar Pradesh in 2009. 


In 2010, Chetan Rana moved to Delhi and started working as an IT employee to support his family. He excelled admirably in the company as he started his journey as an IT representative and reached IT chief in the same company.  


Contrary to his work, he always aimed to start his own company, but his family wasn’t very supportive of this idea, plus he was also financially dependent on his brother. 


In 2015, he lost his father, making him think more about his work. At last gathering the courage, in 2016, he started his company with a few employees and hands-on experience, but he made sure to hire those who were skilled and experienced due to lesser funds. 


The Immigration Company grew more prominent and much more successful than ever imagined within no time. Now, he has a team of over 150 individuals working in three different locations in Delhi, and sooner he has established himself as a trustworthy, reliable, and preferred name for getting visas on board. 


He remained unaffected by the competition and ill measures of what others were doing. He used three mantras, i.e., trust, validity, and efficient procedure, to achieve fruitful business and get the taste of success. 


He has a team of specialists to guide the aspirants about the procedure for going abroad as it is the first & essential step of the process. In addition, he has an excellent human resource that is passionately working for visas approval and getting the expatriate on board for their dream life. 

Chetan Rana and his family lived a working-class yet respectful life in earlier days. His mother was a social worker specialist, and his father was a cowkeeper.


In his earlier stages of life, he realized that a significant section of society would always remain poor and always wanted to help them genuinely. 


The driving force behind his mission was the immense love and affection towards the society & the inherited social values. So, he approached people by stepping into the community and took some extraordinary and unconventional methods to help the people with his best potential. 

Sooner, people began to notice his profound passion for the betterment of society, recognized his work, and gave him the title of Chetan Rana – the Social worker


Despite his busy working schedule and accomplished life, he always tries to help individuals personally as he has respect and passion for the people who are loving in the lower strata of society. In addition, he has become a motivation for the nation’s youth. 


The inherited family values reflect very well in his work as all his employees claim to have a perfect job and personal life balance. Plus, he keeps introducing many such programs in his company where employees can enjoy their personal and work life with maximum power. 

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