Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Bouncy Blow Dry Course

Want to know how to blow dry your hair professionally? Join a bouncy blow dry course today and learn numerous techniques for blow dry hair. All you need are some hair products and an elastic band-like contraption that holds the ends together when they’re wet (available at any drugstore). Then just start rolling out those hairs until tangle free! 

Ready to get that perfect blowout? Your stylist is here with a few tips for making sure your hairstyle looks great in any situation.

The first step of getting an amazing result requires some prep work, but it’s not hard once you know how! Here’s what else will happen when following these simple steps:  

  1. Clean hair thoroughly before starting
  2. Deep-conditioning treatment
  3. Hair brushes
  4. Round brush (for thickness/body) 
  5. Wide tooth comb
  6. Comb through damp waves
  7. Diffuser
  8. appropriate dryer setting

Big Bouncy Blow Dry At Home

In order to do a Big Bouncy Blow Dry at home, start by prepping your hair styling tool kit. You will need the following items for this look:

  1. Comb
  2. Section Clips
  3. Round Brush
  4. Blow Dry Spray/Volumizer
  5. Hairdryer

Step By Step Guide

Wash Your Hair

Firstly, shampoo and condition your hair with the right products for you. I know that may sound obvious! But getting this right will give a good foundation to finish off any style idea – especially if it’s fine like mine: If they’re too heavy on me my head won’t hold anything because of how slippery everything feels.

Squeeze The Excess Water

If we want our hair to look good, it’s important that the moment we apply it our locks are already damp but not dripping. If this isn’t possible with an ordinary towel then use one made especially for wetting down hairstyles.

Apply Volumizing Products

A quality volumizer or blow dry spray will help with adding volume and giving the finished style hold. At the same time, it should also help you get your hair done in less than 10 minutes! It’s perfect because not only does it add lots of body but its lightweight formula detangles quickly without weighing down on top too much which saves me from having an annoying Headache after doing my makeup session all morning long (I know what twisted metal feels like first hand).

Comb Your Parting Into Places

The best way to add volume and give your hair that perfect bounce is by combing it into place with a brush.  This will create extra body in the strands which you can then use for styling purposes, giving off even more height than normal!

Section Your Place

One of the best investments you can make for your hair is a good set of section clips. They’re like having extra pair hands, which means they are essential in styling and shaping all sorts of different hairstyles! One way to style them is by taking four sections; one at each side, top middle part right above where it meets Crown area-and bottom piece that crosses over towards earlobe height on both sides creating a vertical line through center crowns from front to back. Clip these into place so work only needs two attachments per clip – either tightness desired without fear causing harm.

Sections In Place

Choose your round brush wisely! The right size will determine how much volume and movement you get in each section. A smaller one for small waves or short-haired people, fatter brushes work better on longer locks to create big volumes that move around a lot when styled properly with products like hairspray (or any other styling agent).

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