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Best Use of UX Strategies For Better Traffic, Sales, And Growth

UX or user experience is an important factor to have a successful business. This term indicates the functionality of the website like how quickly customers can find your business with the least possible effort. UX designs also impact your search engine rankings, conversion rates, and traffic flow. The navigation, style, and content are the other important factors that you have to keep in mind when you want an impressive UX design along with better conversion rates.

Basics For Navigation- There are recommendations by the experts that include idea about UX and navigation. Stick to standard formats when planning the layout of the website. Visitors know the navigation bars which are horizontally lying across the top or on the left side vertically down. You need to focus on restricting the number of items on the navigation bar to a maximum of seven. Give single-word descriptions to items that will save clients time while browsing. Make sure to keep that simple and easy to understand. Studies said that always the first and last objects stick to the memory due to the “Serial Positioning Effect”. You can use this when designing the navigation toolbars. As the position is uttered important so place the priorities at the beginning of the last and less significant in the middle. Place a contact link at the end of the bar.

Too much is never good and here using many menu items will clutter the page and divert the attention from the main points of interest. Pages should be linked with each other and go with the flow. You can also use the link calculator tools that prove helpful for the website development and make sure the page links and evaluate dilution levels. It also shoes the drop-down menus that are helpful or hinder conversion rates. Having dropped down menu is good but if they are too many then can frustrate the visitors. Get done the usable evaluations which will suggest the mega menus to display many sections with the highest interest. You can use the visual buttons for simple sites for added elegance. The text in each button is inevitable to search engines if they are used as images in place of text.

Loading Speed Of a Page- To design a website lots of time, effort and money go in, and if you end that with happy visitors then all your efforts are a success but if there are frustrating visitors or visitors not coming back, then perhaps you have to make a deal with some unpleasant comments too. This might be a problem in loading a page. Nobody wants to visit a website that takes much longer to load. This ends in fewer subscriptions to the email list or impacts the sale of products and services. In the end, your website becomes stagnant. UX problems gather very little attention. Many technicians wanted to revamp their sit with changes in codes and optimizing images but didn’t focus on reducing page load which is a huge reason for the drop in the conversion rates. This also affects your search rankings because the Google algorithm is based on the speed factor.

A faster loading website offers a better user experience and slower ones cost businesses money. Many studies suggest that if there is a delay of seconds in loading of the website then badly affect 7% in sales revenue. So, when you are evaluating the page speed, then start with the host and you can also check the quality. Generally, free sites are not offering similar benefits to the paid premium host and that can be a concern point for the customers. Make sure there are no complex plug-ins and widgets that can create unnecessary load to the website. Make sure there are no unnecessary plug-ins to be there to leave a burden. Remove incomparable apps and browsers which can glitch the performance of the website. When you have an app that is running well and getting more visitors, better traffic and sales are good, then make sure everything is right in place not affecting the performance or loading time of the website. Keep images to the point to focus visitors’ attention on the specific area of the page. No requirement for an elaborated design theme, unnecessary sign-up forms, affiliated codes, or analytics codes because they may prove a hindrance. So, make sure you get the website properly evaluated and manage the trouble-shooting points away.

A Simple Checkout Works Wonder- When you are having an eCommerce business than as an owner you should optimize the shopping carts to ensure completion of sale. Studies said that more than 65% of eCommerce websites see fall through at the shopping cart. If you are asking for higher shopping charges, including hidden payments then they will play major deterrents. Offering free shipping attracts 93% of customers as per the studies. Simple free shipping has the power to influences more visitors to make multiple purchases. If there are some necessary shipping, sales tax, or other variable changes, then make sure you position a calculator in the shipping cart so that there will be no air of deception. Keep entire items visible throughout the process so they will know about what they are buying. Make sure the customers have access to the cart regardless of how many pages they searched for the item needed. This is a great idea to keep the cart on the drop-down menu but can be a hassle for the user to find everything and affects the performance of the website.

The standard shopping cart location should be upper right corner and make sure the checkout process doesn’t involve too many pages to make the visitors frustrated. There is no need to have additional pages for questions, information, or additional offers or products. To become more connected to customer’s you can even ask for establishing an account or personal information after they are completed with the purchase. Many major retail sites offered their customers very options. Like they can log in to an existing account or create an account later and make a purchase now as a guest. Some websites have provisions to ask for email and no requirement for registration when making a purchase. Make sure you offer wider payment options like credit/debit cards, e-checks, PayPal to keep customers comfortable. Offering them a save to later option or keeping in the wish list is also a good idea to encourage them to revisit the website.

Note Down The Response To The Website- UX is necessary for mobile device users too. Plenty of mobile devices are used on the daily basis and eCommerce businesses have the opportunity to get better sales by accommodating users. Make sure the web pages work the same way whether users are on a PC or a Smartphone. A single site designed for both can able to serve the purpose. So when you are going to create a website or seek the help of a web designer makes sure the company has a responsive web design. RWD is a vital element for positive UX and the success of a business. The right idea to reach the maximum customer is to use the internet and customers access to more products online. The quality f UX is what makes you a brand or a struggling business. This is a great idea to get more customers and get better conversion rates.

Conclusion– This is a world of technology and to get business success with more sales you need to seek the help of the internet. A website offering the UX is known to be a success as this attracts more visitors and with a better conversion rate. I am Pritpal Bhangu web developer in Brisbane  with years of experience crates eye-pleasing and easy running websites which drive traffic and profit with better ROI. So, you can contact us today for a website for your business and our team of experts will contact you and discuss the requirements and hence deliver you what you are expecting from us. So, you can contact us today!

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