Friday, May 27th, 2022

Benelli TRK 502 – Important highlights of the 2021 model

Benellis are some of the nicest-sounding affordable performance street motorcycles you can buy on the market. Keep blipping the throttle and the exhaust note is loud enough to wake up a sleepy neighbourhood. This new motorcycle, the TRK 502 gets an engine that sounds exactly the same, but this one is an adventure motorcycle for the road, so it looks very different from the rest of the range.

Adventure brute

The Benelli TRK 502 is, by far, the most road-focused version of what Benelli Bikes have to offer in our market. If you’re looking for a slightly more hardcore version of the same bike, the 502X should fit the bill. The Benelli TRK 502 has a terrific stance, thanks to the large fuel tank and bulky front-end. This is one of those Benelli Bikes that is sure to get attention wherever it goes. The overall silhouette is the same, but look closer, and you’ll be able to see the differences in the detail. The Benelli TRK 502 features a digital-cum-analogue instrument cluster with the tachometer and digital display being backlit. The switches are new and look a bit more expensive than the ones seen before. The rest of the revisions are mild; the front mudguard gets a body-coloured look, the mirrors have a textured look and the hand-guards feel stronger.

For the road

Coming to the engine, the TRK 502 is powered by a 500cc, parallel-twin unit, producing 46.8bhp and 46Nm of torque. This is, by far, the least thrilling parallel-twin motor we’ve experienced so far. Its torquey nature proves to be useful in the city and won’t induce stress on highways either. If you really want to get moving, you’ll have to whack the throttle open and cross 6000rpm. And this is when you make the most of hearing the exhaust sing. We’re happy that, as far as performance goes, the amount of performance on offer is sufficient, but the vibrations continue to be felt through the foot pegs and handlebar. You’ll notice this once you’ve climbed up the rev band, but it isn’t too bad to be honest. The bike can sprint from 0-100kph in 6.93 seconds, which is fair for what weighs in at 235kgs. Shockingly, it is heavier than the more powerful Triumph Tiger 900.

Off the road

The ride remains the same, so you continue to get a pliant suspension setup. This bike particularly loves being ridden for long hours; it cruises effortlessly at 100kph and manages higher speeds with similar ease. What adds to the pleasant experience is the wide and big seat that offers ample support. We took the motorcycle off the road and it doesn’t really hesitate to perform, but it’s nowhere close to what the Tiger 900 is capable of. The weight plays a key part here; there are times you’ll find that the bike is happy to tip over during a tight turn. The shape of the fuel tank is somewhat of a hindrance between your legs. This is a bike that’s best ridden on the road.

Worth the buy

The updated TRK 502 hasn’t changed much, although there are some enhancements made to make it a nicer bike to live with. The price is the reason you should be buying this bike, because at ₹ 4.8 lakh, we can’t think of anything that offers you the same value as this. However, it’s important to keep you aware that, with its heft, it’s not going to safe handling one of these, especially if this is one of your first ADVs.

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