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Benefits Of Using Provisioning Management System In Different Industries

Provisioning is mostly used in the telecommunications industry. It refers to the “provisioning” done to the customer’s services regarding the network elements. It needs a piece of networking equipment while depending on the network planning or design. A provisioning management system helps the handling of equipping, maintaining, and preparing services for the upcoming or existing customer base. It helps in the automation of the provisioning system, deployment, and management of various resources in an information technology system.

Provisioning is used in various sectors although it is most prevalent in the telecommunications industry. Companies like ETI offer systems and software for industries that need it. Provisioning is also used in OTT authentication and FTTx deployments. It is integral to various networks as it automates workflows and integrates the network with other services. This allows companies to have scalability on their businesses which means it helps in generating revenue.

What Is OTT Authentication?

The prevalence of the internet has allowed the rise of more channels and websites where viewers can consume content. The popularity of OTT services has exploded ever since the conception of digital broadcasting services. Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals used the opportunity to promote antisocial, violent, and sexual content over the web. Scammers also took the opportunity to cheat the system by creating many accounts for their attempts to commit fraudulent activities. They used bots to create many accounts. This is why there is a need for authentication.

Benefits of a Provisioning Management System For OTT Authentication

Provisioning is important for OTT services to ensure that their subscribers will be able to access their content at all times with a simple click of a button without any restrictions. In the past, it was very difficult for OTT providers to manage customer experience and customer access. It was hard to determine the subscribers that were paying the bill for the service. The management system for provisioning services has allowed OTT services to allow their customers to have access to the content they have paid for.

A provisioning management system will allow real-time authentication of subscribers. It also supports direct live streaming from the content provider. The OTT service can protect its assets allowing real-time activation and de-activation. The service will also seamlessly integrate the billing system. The system would also allow subscribers to create new user accounts and authenticate their information.


FTTx or Fiber to the x is a term for a broadband network architecture that uses an optical fiber to provide the local loop. The fiber optic cable can carry data more than copper cables can do, especially when it is over long distances. Residential places are already receiving services from an FTTx. When the fiber head is closer, the higher the price for the construction will be but the channel capacity will also be much higher. FTTx is important in driving the next-generation access forward. It defines the important upgrade of the available broadband by innovating the quality and speed of the service.

Benefits of Provisioning Management System for FTTx Deployments

The installation of a provisioning management system on FTTx deployments would help make businesses in this industry updated with the latest trends. The FTTx deployments were built on existing municipalities and utilities. However, the infrastructures were not built to work on the unique demands that are linked to provisioning.

Utilizing the existing systems without using a provisioning management service will lead to a higher rate of human error in the FTTx deployments. Problems will emerge as a result of these errors. Having a provisioning system allows for a remote accurate management of FTTx deployments. The management system will decrease the work used, reduce mistakes, and avoid a high rate of customer churn. The provisioning system provides convenience to the entire process.

FTTx deployments will succeed for the providers. The management system will address work orders, prospect tracking, device inventory, and management. A provisioning management service will allow easier oversight of dashboards. Teams and managers can easily access subscribers, service ratings, and other service offerings while being able to look at devices, work orders, and billing systems. Companies that use provisioning management will be able to automate their functionalities with access to the construction, maintenance, and design of passive optical networks.

Provisioning Management Importance In Different Industries

Provisioning management fixes three major factors in a network. It centralizes information, automated workflows, and cuts expensive costs. Provisioning removes the complexity of a business as it grows. When more customers add to the existing customer base, there is no need for more errors to happen. It can be reduced with proper oversight through a reliable system. A provisioning management system increases the company’s efficiencies, widens expansion opportunities, reduces expensive costs, and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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