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Benefits of Renting a Beachfront Villa in Rocky Point

Why do people visit beachfront villa in Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco is home to many beaches, but the most popular ones are sandy beach and Playa Bonita. While exploring these beaches, you never know what you find. You may come across baby crabs, conch shells, jellyfish, live starfish, sand dollars, sea slugs, or even octopus! Puerto Penasco is also known as rocky point, and for your stay, you need hotels or villas.

If you are traveling with the kids, then the first thing your kids want to do in Puerto Penasco is to dig into the sea and want to feel the fresh tiny water waves coming all across the sea. Apart from just digging into the sea, there is so much going on in Puerto Penasco that you should experience?


Center of attention 


Many people around the world plan their vacations to Puerto Penasco just for the beachfront villa in Rocky point. These beachfront villas are the center of attention for the people who visit Puerto Penasco because of their extravagant style and the freedom you get there to live. Many people prefer renting a beachfront villa in Rocky point rather than a hotel room. Here are some advantages and benefits of choosing a beachfront villa in Rocky Point.



If you compare a hotel room with your own house who has more space? Of course, your house has more space this is the exact vision behind the beachfront villas in Rocky Point. You can enjoy a great time with your friends and family while staying at the beach house.

Space will also benefit you in many other ways for example, if you want to throw a BBQ party or a grill night you can easily do that while enjoying the stunning view of water waves.

Also, you can cook, eat, sleep, awake and do anything according to your own schedule, you don’t need to follow the exact meal timings. Here are the things which you cannot enjoy staying in a hotel



While staying at the beachfront villa in Rocky Point, you have your own kitchen space where you can cook food without any time restriction, and enjoy your meal while looking at the astonishing water waves coming back and forth.

The fully equipped kitchen with brick boveda ceilings has table seating for 20 plus 4 at the breakfast bar and has breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez. The main kitchen has 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer, wet bar, large and small coffee maker, all small appliances, griddle, Margarita machine, etc. Additional amenities are INGROUND POOL, 2 palapa’s, 2 fire pit’s, for cold nights, outdoor wet bar, 2 gas bbq’s, outdoor shower, patio furniture, and 2 large patio’s.


These beachfront villas in rocky point are secure and you don’t need to worry about your privacy issues. These are the houses specially made for tourists and for the people who want to spend their vacation right in front of the beach.


Home away from home 

Many people stay at these houses because of the feeling of living in a home without worrying about the check-in and check-out schedule. Yes, there is a strict policy of renting and the number of days you are renting that house but unlike a hotel room, no one will disturb you and you will never hear anyone walking in the corridor and the hallways are always empty because it’s just you spending the quality time with your loved ones and the nature.


Long stay

If you want to spend more than a week in Puerto Penasco, then a beachfront villa in Rocky point is the best option you can go for. You will then not need to worry about the stay and the expenditure. These homes are ideally made for the long stay of families and groups f friends even for the newlywed couples who are visiting Rocky point to know each other more in front of the beautiful water waves while sitting on the sand and making memories for the rest of the lives.


Other activities 

Rent yourself a watercraft. Along the beachside, you will see plenty of people with jet skis and boards allowing you to use their craft in exchange for money for the specific time slot. They will also teach you how to turn it on, take turns, apply brakes, and much more. This is a good way of having fun inside the water. They cost you around $10-$15 per half hour.



Villa del Ensueno provides seaside home rental in Rocky Point at affordable prices. Our rental beach homes are privately owned and loved by many clients. We are offering travelers with favorable amenities. Our experienced staff makes sure that they are providing you with their best services. No matter how big or small your family is, we provide you with classic accommodation for them. Call us today and book the house for your never-before experience at the sea.

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