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Benefits and advantages of contracting private health insurance

Group private health insurance premiums grew  5.1 percent in September 2020, compared to 4.9 percent for individual insurance, according to data from the Cooperative Research between Insurance Entities and Pension Funds.  This figure represented a rise of 5.9 percent in the number of insured, surpassing more than 11 million clients throughout the country.

What is private health insurance?

Private healthcare is financed with the premium paid by the insured and is accepted by both parties. By contracting the insurance, the beneficiary receives medical-surgical care coverage under the conditions prescribed in the policy. In general, the coverage also includes specialized assistance, emergency services, diagnostic tests, preventive medicine, surgery, maternity, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, among many other services. And policy subscriptions can be individual, family, and group.

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For its part, in the case of public health services, the assistance is paid by the State. For this reason, the benefit is received by all Spanish citizens equally and the funds to support this ongoing service come from Social Security.

What are the advantages of taking out private insurance?

By contracting private health insurance, the insured receives medical coverage to receive the services of a series of medical professionals in private clinical centers or those belonging to insurance companies. Here are some of the immediate advantages when subscribing to a policy with a private insurer:

-Immediate attention and elimination of the waiting list: You only need to have the authorization of the insurer, from the moment the specialist doctor issues the medical order and the corresponding report. In fact, in some cases, it should not take more than 48 hours, while in other cases it is practically immediate.

-Large network of specialists and care centers available: Policyholders can choose the specialist they need or the one that suits them best, directly, from the network of professionals attached to the health insurance. Contact can be made through the different digital media that the insurance companies’ digital communication network has. In the same way, they can select the private health center that best suits them to receive the provision of the service. In addition, many insurers have their clinics, which becomes an additional guarantee of good service.

-Hospitalization at convenience: The insured has the option of choosing the center for their hospitalization when surgical intervention is to be performed. These have comfortable, comfortable, and private rooms, where the insured will be able to count on all the individual services they need for their care and speedy recovery.

-Immediate diagnostic tests:  From an ultrasound, an X-ray, MRI, or any other type of special analysis. In many cases, they are requested directly by the specialists within the same consultation, without having to attend a subsequent appointment.

-Possibility of assistance abroad: Some insurers offer insured persons the possibility of accessing international coverage if urgent medical assistance is required, or emergencies arise while in transit through a foreign country. This service is valid almost anywhere in the world, according to what is established in the policy. Additionally, Spaniards have the European health card, which offers continental coverage in case of emergencies in any country of the European Union.

-Offer of digital services: Many insurers have added mobile applications to their customer web access services, where the insured can easily access the network of services they offer from anywhere. These include a request for medical appointments, service approvals, receipt of clinical results, medical video consultations, etc.

-Additional coverage according to the contract:  The basic policies subscribed are complemented with additional medical coverage to improve the conditions offered to the insured. These coverages include dental insurance, assistance abroad, special treatments, assisted reproduction, etc.

In addition to the benefits provided by hiring group premiums for the self-employed and their workgroup, there are tax advantages that allow health insurance to be an income tax-deductible expense. The law allows the self-employed who subscribe to the policy to deduct the amount of the premiums: up to 500 euros for each insured person and up to 1,500 euros for professionals with disabilities. This benefit includes your immediate family members and employees on your payroll, so it can represent a significant deductible.

Additional benefits

The hiring and use of privacy policies, in addition to the benefits for policy contractors, allows the workload of public hospitals and medical centers to be alleviated. This represents a potential benefit for people who are kept on waiting lists.

If you need additional information about private insurance or are interested in subscribing to a private policy, , present on the website of the different insurance companies that provide service in the Spanish market. The comparators allow you to easily find the best medical insurance, adapted to your needs and possibilities.


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