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Bed Rails: What You Need to Know

When a person is injured, they are probably told to rest on bed most of the time of their day. But what if there is no proper safety on the bed itself? There are certain circumstances like rolling out of bed that you as a caretaker need to focus on solving. And for such safety concerns, installing bed rails is the best option. They provide one with both safety and support. 

They are also known as safety rails and bedside rails. These rails are used to prevent rolling out of bed or falling from bed. With this, they also provide stability, security, and support to the users while shifting positions or getting in/out of bed. These rails come in numerous types, styles, and sizes. Let us know more about this medical help equipment, starting with its types: 

Types of Bed Rails

There are two types of bed rails types based on its fitting:


These bed rails are incorporated into the bed design. These bed rails are fitted to the bed frame already. Some are of full length while others are split. 

Third Party

These rails are not specific to any model. Instead, they are intended to fit in a wide range of different types of beds.

Now, let us come to its types on the basis of its uses. There are two types of bed rails on this basis:

Portable Bed Rails

These rails are for adults. These rails are attachable, removable, and are not designed to be a permanent part of the bed. These rails need to be installed separately alongside the patient’s bed. They provide benefits like:

  • Prevent falls with safety barriers

  • Provides independence

  • Helps in moving

  • Easy to transport

Portable bed rails come in various styles like:

Bed Rails With Legs 

These rails are L-shaped and one can adjust its height and length according to requirement. One just needs to tuck one end under the mattress and rest two support legs on the floor and pull or push it till it comes to your desired height.

Legless Bed Rails

These rails are ideal for king and queen-sized beds. They are commonly available in L- shape. You can tuck one end of it under the mattress to use it comfortably. These rails come with a safety strap to provide additional stability.

Fold-Down Bed Rails

As the name suggests, these rails are foldable; thus, making them perfect for traveling. These are easily accessible and are lighter in weight than regular rails for easy carrying. 

Crossbar Bed Rails

These bed rails are adjustable in height. It has multiple handhold locations to assist the user while rolling over or getting up. These rails promote independence and comfort with these features.

Dual Bed Rails

You need to fit these rails on both sides of the bed. It has crossbars connected beneath the mattress to provide support. 

Hospital Bed Rails

These rails are attached to a medical or hospital bed. They are adjustable rails. These rails are usually part of the hospital bed and often a vital accessory for other FDA-regulated beds too. 

Now that we have known its types, let us know the benefits of bed rails:

Benefits of Bed Rails

  • Provides security and comfort

  • Assists with rolling and repositioning in bed

  • Provides easy access to bed controls

  • Promotes independence

  • Provides additional support like something to hold or grab while getting in/out of the bed

  • Reduces fall risks

After knowing its benefits, let us know what factors you must consider while buying bed rails:

What to Consider While Choosing Bed Rails

Evaluating the health condition of the patient and getting suggestions from the doctor are the two things that you should do while choosing a bed rail. Because if you choose the wrong bed rail, then it may worsen the situation of the patient. Also, there can be a possibility that they might not even need bed rails.

Thus, if the doctor suggests you buy bed rails for your loved ones, then here are some factors that can help you choose the ideal one:

  • Ensure that the bed rails are compatible with your bed type and its size.

  • Length and weight are vital considerations. Make sure you choose a bed according to the patient’s height and weight to comfort them.

  • Invest in quality bed rails. Make sure you buy the bed rails from a reputed online company so that quality is not compromised.

  • Install any additional accessories like over bed tables, storage pouches, etc on the bed and rail if required.

As you saw, bed rails have numerous benefits to offer to elderly and people with limited mobility. And to assist each user’s needs, there are various types available. We have a suggestion for you here, installing additional features like over bed tables can comfort the users by enabling them to do many activities on the bed itself, including eating, playing games, reading, etc. Make sure you consult a doctor before buying and make all the use of these bed rails to comfort your loved ones. 

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