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Beautiful Banarasi Sarees From India

Banarasi sarees and their intricate designs

Banarasi sarees are the traditional clothing of North India and have been around for many, many years. Their design has changed over time, but they still maintain the same beauty with their rich combination of color and fabric.

What are Banarasi Sarees?

It is a type of handwoven silk sari that is generally worn by women in North Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Bengal and Delhi in traditional ceremonies. The artisans carefully weave these stunning fabrics through hundreds of tiny knots on a handloom to create this unique design. The Bengali people of eastern and southern parts of India are famous for the weaving of these beautiful clothes.

What are its weaves?

Banarasi Sarees have very beautiful weaves in their design. They come in various colors, patterns, and styles. The patterns on Banarasi sarees include paisley, various geometric designs, bead work, intricate lace petal motifs, delicate lace geometrics and fine embroideries. These designs include heavy shimmering metallic beads, sequinned surfaces and silver leaf trimming as well as lustrous embroidery on silk or chiffon saris.

Why is there so much demand for Banarasi Sarees?

These sarees are handwoven by master weavers and come in unique designs. It is believed that only a woman who is pure of heart can create such fine threads. The Banarasi saree has not just survived but thrived through the generations. They are often worn at weddings, festivals, and parties. The Banarasi saree has been accepted in recent years as an elegant dress for casual as well as formal occasions. These Sarees have a very royal and regal touch to it.

The modern fashion world has drawn much inspiration from the majestic Banarasi sarees and seen in many Western outfits such as evening dresses, cocktail dresses, shirts and blouses, jackets, skirts etc.

What are its colors?

Banarasi sarees can be seen in colors like red, orange, yellow, yellowish browns, light green and off-whites. Most Banarasi sarees are tie-dyed in complex patterns, many of which use naturally dyed colors. When the Banarasi Saree is colored, it is often left to hang outside in the sun to create a natural sun-dye effect. This is used for pigments in many cultures from around the world.

What is their history?

Banarasi sarees have been around for many generations.  A lot of care is taken in the design, dyeing and weaving of a Banarasi sari, making it more expensive than the traditional saris which are worn in other parts of India. offers the best quality, handmade Banarasi Sarees.  We source our sarees directly from the weavers. We purchase the sarees and then check the quality of each saree so that when you get the saree in your hand you are assured of the best quality. We sell only natural and organic fabrics and hence our Banarasi collection consists of natural fabrics only.

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