Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Assistance, the ‘star’ of many insurances

Auto, Home, Funeral… Assistance has become the ‘star’ coverage of many insurances because it gets the insured out of thousands of troubles.

The car stops in the middle of the motorway, I have lost my house keys, I have to install a lamp, I need help installing an antivirus on my computer… These situations can take us to the limit but, today, they can be solved through assistance, a coverage that gains weight in insurance such as Multi-risk, Automobile, and Funeral.

The reason? Because it provides the second mortgage insured with the necessary support to deal with the claim in many episodes of daily life. For this reason, it is increasingly common to resort to assistance services (at home, on the road, on travel, etc.) that these policies contemplate.

Assistance, coverage on the rise

Data from the Unespa ‘We Are Safe’ Report reveals that each year around 1.1 million assistance services are registered in insured Spanish households. In the case of Automobile Insurance, through this coverage, according to the same study, more than 4 million incidents were attended in which the most demanded benefit was the tow truck service for vehicle transport.

The most amazing evolution corresponds to Deaths. These insurances have become true family assistance solutions due to the multiple benefits they offer together with the main guarantee of the funeral. They deal with the management of all the procedures related to the death, assist the relatives in aspects related to the will, in matters of mourning, etc., and, if that is the case, repatriate the deceased.

New coverage for new times

As times and the needs of the insured are changing at breakneck speed, the incorporation of new services does not stop growing, far exceeding the scope of the claim.

We are talking about benefits to make life easier for the insured, such as the possibility of taking the vehicle to pass the ITV, putting at your disposal a team of professionals for reform works, assistance with electronic and computer equipment, legal assistance… Within this group, there are also ‘handyman’ services such as the one that Seguros RGA puts in the hands of clients of the Rural Savings Banks who contract their Home Insurance so that things such as putting up a picture, hanging a lamp, etc. don’t be a problem.

It is convenient to clarify that although assistance has become the star of many insurances, sometimes it is not part of the basic guarantees, and it is necessary to contract it in a complementary way. Even so, having these services is priceless and can get us out of a lot of trouble.

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