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Toto Overseas Dividend Change Analysis Know


Hello, this is the restaurant management team. Odds makers are people who pay dividends in a sporting event, taking into account the strengths and circumstances of each team. In the process of setting dividends, they are paid according to what they think they are. Each team’s odds of winning and losing remain the same because they totosite are set taking into account Ods Maker’s expected win rate and return rate.


However, there are cases where the dividend of a particular game drops sharply by the betting company or bettor, and in other cases it rises rapidly. Dividends that change in real time also add to the confusion of Toto users, so why is it changing? Or how should we accept the flow of these changes? I am writing this to inform you.


Let’s start by emphasizing that if you’re not familiar with any of these, it might be worth knowing.


How to understand and analyze dividend fluctuations?


  1. Where and how do you view overseas dividends?

– How to check on the Oz Portal without registering as a member

-Basketball, baseball, etc… including soccer…all available


Where and how do you view overseas dividends?


Oz Portal is a representative site for viewing overseas dividends. It is widely used both domestically and abroad.


In the image below, you can see the payouts for all popular sporting events, football as well as various events (baseball, basketball, etc.). The biggest advantage is that you can refer to all dividends and averages provided by overseas companies.


Category Odds Portal Main


You can visit our website and see the categories on the left. The important thing is that you can see dividends without signing up as a member. Then, on January 13, at 5:00 am, we will continue the explanation with Fulham v Chelsea match.


The image below is the dividend on a full-time basis (excluding overtime). The average dividend is 3.38x for Fulham and 2.10x for Chelsea.


Fulham – Chelsea Odds


If you refer to Oz Portal’s dividend rate in the above way, you can check all scheduled items and also know the average value of overseas betting companies, which seems very convenient. It is very useful because you can check all cup matches, which are often called job leagues.


It is information such as basic common sense that anyone who plays Sports Toto knows to some extent, so please be sure to familiarize yourself with it.


  1. Find out why dividends fluctuate


– Don’t be fooled by odds that reflect bettors’ psychology

– See website for flow check


Find out why dividends fluctuate!


Dividends can fluctuate and soar in real time according to user psychology, team starters, or each team’s major issues. It is necessary to identify the causes and factors of change. It has a lot to do with cash flow, i.e. purchase rate.


Suppose there are two teams, A and B. If people think that Team B’s game will win and the distribution of purchases is concentrated on Team B, of course Team B’s payout ratio will increase, lowering the dividend and increasing Team A’s dividend. . This is the basic formula. But what if the dividend plummeted or skyrocketed? It was because the team had a disadvantage.


Circumstances may vary, but generally the dips and spikes in dividends have been related to the absence or injury news of a key player. However, there is no case where the 3 dividends of wins, draws and losses decrease simultaneously. Rather, they often go up at the same time. In general, it is an act of stimulating the buyer’s psychology by meeting certain conditions when betting an amount below the standard.


3. Let’s look at the flow of overseas dividends through an example


– Dividend plunges and surges are risky.

– Check the average dividends of several betting companies


Let’s learn about overseas dividend flows!


You can check real-time variable odds by visiting the BetExplorer website described above. As shown below, light yellow indicates a drop of less than 10%, and dark yellow indicates a drop of less than 15%. Finally, for orange, if there is a drop of more than 15%, it will be displayed in that color.

Betexplorer (probability shift)


The image above is a match that you can refer to the dividend drop rate of the Asian Gulf Cup match. The existing average dividend yield has declined by about 30% from 8.95 to 6.30, indicating that Interwetten is a company that offers a dividend that is almost 30% higher than the total average dividend payout. You can easily understand by referring to the image below.

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