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Are You Looking For DOT Complete Compliance Services?

What makes you think of DOT Complete Compliance? What is DOT Complete Compliance Services for? Before you find out DOT Compliancelet’s understand what DOT is? The DOT (Department of Transportation) is the Federal department of the U.S. government responsible for transportation. It was created in 1966 and began operations on April 1, 1967. The United States Secretary of Transportation regulates it. 

Understanding DOT Compliance 

DOT Compliance ensures a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and complete Compliance system for the people today and in the future. Complete Compliance Services is responsible for legislating regulations for commercial vehicles, requiring them to register under a DOT Compliance number. Provisions for commercial vehicles include hours of service (HOS) and driver and vehicle inspection reports (DVIR). If an on-the-road inspection by DOT authorities (or Highway Police) or DOT auditors determine non-compliance, it will hurt the fleet’s CSA score.

Commercial vehicle operators often use DOT Complete Compliance software to automate their processes and ensure their drivers and vehicles are compliant at all times.

Registry maintenance

This area is receiving special attention lately due to new rules requiring the implementation of electronic logbook devices, or ELDs, replacing older technologies like paper logs that drivers began using nearly 80 years ago.

Essential documentation under DOT regulatory control includes:

  • Knowledge of cargo and manifests
  • Dispatch and travel records
  • Expense receipts (including toll charges)
  • Fleet Management Communications
  • Payroll records and settlement sheets

Cargo Securing

Cargo-carrying commercial motor vehicles range from tractor-trailers to all flatbeds. The DOT has established guidelines and rules that dictate how cargo will be distributed and the proper methods to secure it in place, to prevent dangerous cargo movement, vehicle rollover, or accidental spills or spills.

Licenses and permits include:

  • IRP – International Registration Plan, for the payment of license fees
  • IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement, for the cost of fuel taxes
  • Straight plates – to drive in the state
  • Single travel permit applications

Transportation of Hazardous Materials

It is a set of rules governing the transportation of hazardous materials: what constitutes a hazardous substance, what type of vehicle can be transported, and the placards displayed on the car when the material is on board. 

Vehicle Inspection

DOT requires a program of pre-trip and post-trip inspections. When an equipment or safety problem is discovered, a vehicle inspection form must be submitted, certified, and corrected.

Ensure DOT Compliance

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains a website for carriers and drivers that help them find out if they need DOT registration and allow them to apply online. Make sure you seek Complete Compliance Services. You can ask for a Compliance Quote here.

You can create a safer work environment starting today with Complete Compliance Services!

We have years of experience in the DOT Complete Compliance industry, helping companies with the DOT. We also have several branches throughout the country to offer our services in the most convenient way possible. Contact us for more information on Complete Compliance Services and find out how we can significantly benefit your company.Don’t forget to ask for a free Compliance Quote.

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