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An Updated Guide For Eliminating QuickBooks Error PS058

QuickBooks Payroll is one such feature that helps in reducing the stress of handling the business payroll activities manually. Like any other application, you are required to update the payroll as per the latest release. This is required so that you can access the latest features of the QuickBooks Payroll with ease without any hassle. But at times, users might come across QuickBooks Error PS058 that might take place while downloading or installing QuickBooks Updates. In this blog, we have listed all the possible causes that might lead to QuickBooks error message PS058 along with the solutions to fix it. 


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What Are the reasons that lead to QuickBooks Desktop Error PS058?

QuickBooks Payroll feature is the most important feature that enables the employers to pay their employees on time. Sometimes, the users might confront QuickBooks Desktop Error PS058 while downloading QuickBooks Payroll. Here, we have listed some of the causes behind the error, go through them carefully:

  • It might occur due to the damage in the QuickBooks Files.
  • Another reason may be company files not available on your hard drive. 
  • Sometimes, it might take place when the Windows Explorer files might get corrupted. 
  • Your PC firewall or other security software is blocking QuickBooks accounting software access.


Here’s How to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058?

Once you get aware of all such reasons that might trigger QuickBooks Payroll Error PS058 you can easily fix it using the correct techniques. To help you with that, we have discussed some of the solutions to fix the error below:


Solution 1: Look For Issues In Your Company File 

Most of the time, users might get stuck with QuickBooks Error PS058 due to the problem with the QuickBooks company file. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you must verify the issues in the company file by following the steps listed below:

  • To begin with, open your company file and then press the F2 key on your keyboard to view the Product Information window. 
  • Soon after this, prees the F3 or Ctrl + 2 keys simultaneously while the Product Information Window is open.
  • Thereafter, open Tech Help and then choose the Open File.
  • Now, double-tap on the file named “qbwin.log”.
  • Press the Ctrl + F keys to open the search box and then type the error code that you are facing. 
  • At last, follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the process.


Solution 2: End Programs from Task Manager 

  • To begin with, ensure you have closed the QuickBooks application. 
  • Thereafter, press Alt+Ctrl+Del simultaneously and then select start task manager.
  • Moving further, click on the program tab and then look for “qbupdate.exe” and “qbdagent2001.exe”. Once found, select them and then tap end programs.
  • At last, type “reboot.bat” within the search window and then double-tap on the file.
  • Now, access a “DOS-style shell” that will be immediately closed once completed.
  • At last, reboot your system, download and then try to install the latest payroll update to check whether the issue is resolved.


Summing It Up!!

By now, we hope that the solution listed above will help you to fix QuickBooks Error PS058. If you still have any difficulty, then feel free to contact our experts by dialing the helpline number (856)-856-0053. 

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