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A QR Code Marketing Effort That Worked

Make effective use of social proof as a holiday marketing strategy.

Did you know that if a product page includes images from social media, buyers are 6x more likely to buy it?

Customers could identify at least one sort of social proof that enhanced their likelihood of making a purchase in 98 percent of cases.

Based on a global poll of 1,700 people from all living generations, trust signals emerged as the most essential.

Using social evidence in the form of photos, reviews, or anecdotes can help shoppers feel more confident about making a purchase. One of the most powerful techniques is social evidence, such as ratings and reviews or accolades the product has won.

How might using social proofs as part of your holiday marketing strategy be beneficial?

Provides third-party validation — Including photographs of genuine consumers using your product helps to provide third-party validation.
Make rapid decisions – Online buyers look for unvarnished viewpoints to aid them in making online purchasing decisions.
Reduce cart abandonment — User-generated material about your products or services might help to create customer expectations and lower cart abandonment rates.

For holiday marketing initiatives, use offline channels.

Using offline media as part of a holiday marketing plan can be quite effective. During the holidays, businesses could consider focusing their advertising on offline media such as TV and radio adverts to capture the attention of customers.

Ikea’s holiday campaign is particularly eye-catching, with all of a family’s crockery bursting into song to inform a family that their decor has to be updated before holiday entertaining. It’s catchy, and the inclusion of talking toys lifts viewers out of their funk.

What are the advantages of an offline marketing strategy for your company?

Reach out to potential customers — You can reach out to potential customers who may have missed out on holiday specials through internet channels via offline methods.
Reach out to a larger audience – Effective eye-catching campaigns and TV advertising let you reach a broader audience, resulting in a successful holiday marketing strategy.
Improve brand awareness – By using TV and radio commercials, you can stay in front of your target demographic, increasing brand recognition.

Use flash sales to keep your customers coming back.

It’s one of the most effective holiday marketing campaign strategies since it plays on customers’ intrigue and mystery. In a nutshell, design a strategy that gives flash specials at set hours or every day to keep customers coming back.

While a 10%-20% discount will generate some awareness, the most effective flash sales will provide substantial discounts.

How can you give substantial discounts while still making a profit? For a short time, offer a limited amount of reduced items.

How can you make your holiday marketing plan more successful by using flash sales promotions?

Planning ahead of time – To make this marketing strategy work, you’ll need to start thinking about what offers and discounts to promote as flash deals as soon as possible.

Make sure to make loud announcements about the flash bargains on social media, your website, and via email.
Create a buzz – Emphasize new offerings to promote excitement and persuade customers to buy.

As Christmas marketing ideas, run paid campaigns.

Consumers’ lives have been made easier by the ease with which they may purchase things online. Shopping has become easier and more enjoyable thanks to features such as comparison shopping and detailed research.

With the rise of online purchasing, it’s more crucial than ever for your company to be visible online and stand out from the crowd.

So, what method should you use to gain more visibility and a higher return on investment (RoI)? The solution is a paid advertising campaign.

Regardless of your sector, you may run paid ads on prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Google Ads is an excellent source of seasonal information. You can target your campaign based on where your target audience is located.

If you sell women’s clothing, for example, you may use keywords like “great gift for mothers” or “trendy holiday outfits.” Then, throughout the holiday season, design specific ads and landing pages that give incentives to shop at your store.

Use email marketing to keep your brand in front of your customers’ minds.

Why is email the most effective tool for holiday marketing?

Email marketing is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to not only current subscribers, but also to help generate even more leads by pushing the need to “share” the value you offer to your subscribers’ relatives and friends, regardless of the time of year.

Email is the most efficient means of direct communication with your target audience because it can be accessed directly from mobile or tablet devices.

Puma, for example, sets the ideal holiday marketing example by sending an email with the subject line “Order before 2pm EST for FREE overnight shipping” on Christmas Eve.

It’s a straightforward message with all the expected components: a handful of banners, a few links to various secondary offers, a navigation bar, and social media icons.

Tip for holiday marketing:

However, timing is essential, so send the email before, during, and just around the time your sale is due to stop, just in case they miss it. The fear of losing out on a terrific deal is a significant motivator for last-minute sales.

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