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A Handy Fabric Guide for Buying Sofa Covers

Sofas seem to be the most common piece of furniture like most homes & businesses. Covering and redecorating furniture with sofa covers is a great idea. It’s available in a range of colours and patterns to match any sort of decor. It performs a variety of functions in addition to covering your furniture.

Maintaining a lovely house isn’t always simple. Things may get out of control while you have kids, pets, or a hectic schedule. Hair & spills may ruin your furniture, while keeping your pet bedding clean may seem like an impossible task. Sofa covers are an excellent solution to counteract these problems.

Therefore, if your sofa is drooping, bumpy, or the springs are protruding, replacing the coverings would not make it comfier.

While your furniture is in poor condition, this budget option may prove to be a waste of money because you will get almost nothing from it. It is preferable to get a new couch or reupholster it so that the stuffing may be restored as well.

Covers for your sofa, pet bed coverings, and ottoman coverings are all excellent methods to keep your house looking wonderful no matter what. So, 2 seater sofa covers are often constructed of two types of fabric: separate strips of stretchable fabric that completely surround the couch’s frame & cushions, and large sheets of material that hang over the sofa and are secured in place with attached straps. The second design is preferable for short-term usage (e.g., protecting your sofa clean while pet-sitting), whilst the former is intended for long-term use.

Fabric material used for sofa cover

The type of material you pick for your sofa protector cover is determined by how often your furniture may be used. Cotton, denim, microfiber,  polyester, silk, and other textiles are used to make slipcovers. Following are some of the most common materials to think about:


Linen, while silky and smooth, maybe refreshing and long-lasting. 2 seaters waterproof sofa cover online made of linen are ideal for offering your sofa a relaxed and comfy look. Although linen wrinkles readily, if you’re going for a more casual style, you might enjoy the natural crease.


Cotton is a lightweight fabric that can be machine washed. It has a softer feel to it and gives the item a more relaxed vibe. A cotton sofa fitted covers are long-lasting, although they can wrinkle easily. When you replace your sofa cover frequently, take this into consideration.


Chenille seems to be a desirable material for 2 seaters sofa covers in the UK online because it is both sturdy and soft. Moreover, the chenille has quite a textured aesthetic with raised accents, giving it a one-of-a-kind impression. Dirt stains may be hidden by the smoothness.


Polyester is among the most popular slipcover fabrics since it is robust and simple to clean, allowing your covering to last longer. Also because strong fibres help it hold its shape and avoid wrinkling, the sturdy, polyester blend makes it a perfect alternative when choosing a type of 2 seaters non-slip sofa cover.


Even though it is stain-resistant & easy to maintain, microfiber is a good choice. Microfiber is gentle on the skin yet thick enough yet to protect your sofas. Any spillage can be cleaned up quickly before they become a stain.

Faux leather

While your leather sofa and chair are showing signs of wear, consider investing in a faux leather covering to protect them. If you’re searching for a slipcover that could be simply cleaned with either a wet towel, faux leather is a terrific alternative.


Denim is made of a tough twill-weave material that can resist regular wear and tear. Denim is a long-lasting fabric that offers your furnishings a calm, classic vibe.


Luxurious velvet made of high-density wool or maybe a poly-blend is a stylish alternative that will last for years. Therefore, they are adaptable textiles that come in a broad range of colours and are warm and welcoming. If the couch will be put near a probable flame, read the packaging before purchase because the flame protection of velvet varies according to its make-up. Some alternatives are regarded as very flammable, therefore read the packaging before purchasing whereas if the sofa will indeed be placed close to a possible flame.

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