Friday, March 24th, 2023

7 Reasons why online tutoring is a great option for your child

If you’re thinking about hiring a tutor to help your child, then you’ve likely thought about whether your child would benefit more from an online tutor than an on-ground teacher. Technology has made online tutoring a great option that many parents (and children) like. Why is online tutoring an ideal choice ?






Individual or on-site tutoring isn’t cheap. It’s between $70-80 per hour for a child. The tutors on the ground take into account their travel expenses in addition to the time they devote to educating your child. Online tutors are less expensive because they utilise video chat to communicate with their students. It also helps save time and money since you won’t need to take the child from and to the tutoring sessions.


Work Around Your Schedule


On-ground tutors typically are assigned a schedule that has limited availability. They can only provide tutoring on certain subjects at specific times. This makes it hard to incorporate this into your daily schedule. Online tutors are more flexible since they don’t require meeting in person. Your child can learn from your own home, away from distractions.




On-the-ground tutors generally make the most money by working with multiple students in small groups. If your child is struggling, they might be behind in their class. Online tutors are one-on-one with students to ensure that their attention is on helping your child.


Make Your Child Move at Their Pace


On-ground tutors generally adhere to a curriculum. This leaves students to go through lessons that they’re already familiar with before they begin to concentrate on the concepts they’re unsure of. Online tutoring lets your child take their time and learn at their own pace. This allows your child the chance to focus on areas they require assistance with, and when they’ve mastered these areas, they can move on to the next topic of interest without waiting for anyone else. This allows you to keep track of their progress since you can monitor their progress.


Children are comfortable working online


The present generation has never lived without technology. They’re not just familiar with using the Internet and mobile devices, but they’re confident in using them to connect with people. Online tutoring allows them to stay within their comfort zone. If your child learns better at a distance or is experiencing anxiety about any subject in school, online tutoring could be the best choice for them.


Find the Perfect Tutor

In most cases, on-ground tutoring is comprised of a single tutor. Online tutoring provides your child with access to tutors from the pool. This allows you to locate the most suitable tutor for your child’s requirements. You can examine the skills of your tutor to help you decide which one can make the most difference in the education of your child. If the tutor doesn’t fit with one, there’s plenty to pick from.


Recorded Lessons


In contrast to tutoring on the ground, online sessions are recorded. This lets your child go over the discussion if they need to ask concerns later. It also gives you the chance to look back at what was discussed and what they’re doing if you cannot supervise the session.

The choice of the best tutor for you is crucial! The advantages and disadvantages of each option available can make the decision easier. Online tutoring is more practical, cost-effective, and will allow your child to make the most of the time they spend with you.





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