Saturday, June 25th, 2022

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Recent coyote sightings in Lattingtown and other North Shore communities have prompted officials to issue a warning to pet owners.

The Town of Oyster Bay and the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have issued the following safety and behavior tips for residents:


feed coyotes
feed pets outside (if feeding federal cats, watch them while they eat and remove all food before leaving)
allow pets to run free and supervise all outdoor pets, especially at sunset and at night (small dogs, even if on a leash, and cats are especially vulnerable to coyotes; keep cats inside)

get rid of birdseed (concentrations of birds and rodents at feeders can attract wildlife)
ensure garbage is inaccessible to wildlife and fence or enclose compost piles
teach children to appreciate wildlife from afar
Stand tall and hold arms out to look large if confronted by a coyote (if coyote lingers for too long, make loud noises, wave arms, and throw sticks and stones; do not run away because coyotes might see you as prey)
remove brush and tall grass from around your home to reduce protective cover for coyotes (they are typically secretive and like areas where they can hide)
consider fencing your yard as it may deter coyotes (it should be tight to the ground, preferably extending six inches below ground level and taller than 4 feet)
remember conflicts between dogs and coyotes can happen any time of the year, but are more likely in the months of March and April (during this time, coyotes are setting up their denning areas for soon-to-arrive pups)
In an interview with Patch, a spokesperson for the Town of Oyster Bay could not exactly say how many coyotes have been spotted recently across Long Island but explained there has been “a handful of eyewitness accounts.” She also said these sightings should not be cause for panic and that the warning from officials is more of a precautionary measure.

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