Thursday, June 30th, 2022

3 Benefits of Installing Exhaust Fans in Your Perth Home

Exhaust fans serve multiple purposes in the family home. From providing healthy ventilation to dehumidifying the home, exhaust fans are integral in keeping the family and home safe. Exhaust fans are mainly found in the kitchen and in bathrooms as these areas typically gather the most moisture and stagnant air. 

Exhaust fans in Perth face very contrasting weather conditions and climates throughout the year and therefore must be built to adjust to the different needs of each season.

Exhaust fans are household appliances that are often forgotten about until they stop working. They serve in the background, gathering up moisture, odours and stagnant air and transporting it outside of the home. 

  1. Remove Excess Smoke and Moisture

Exhaust fans are extremely important in the kitchen, especially when cooking on a stove top. Fire alarms may alert you to smoke but exhaust fans get rid of the smoke. Without a well working exhaust fan in your kitchen, fire danger becomes a real risk. In the case that there is a burnt dinner or piece of toast, an exhaust fan will remove the heavy, smoky air from the home quickly.

In Perth, exhaust fans are extremely important for the humid weather. Alongside stopping foggy bathroom mirrors, exhaust fans keep the humid air moving, minimising the stickiness for Perth residents. Moisture is easily built up on bathroom ceilings and inside cabinets, causing damage to the paint and property. An exhaust fan is a solution to that problem, stopping the steam from coagulating and dispersing it outside of the home. 

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1. Remove Odours

Not only do exhaust fans remove smoke and steam, but Odours too! If you’re in a home where a lot of cooking, painting or cleaning takes place, a well working exhaust fan is necessary. Removing dangerous odours that come from cleaning products and paints is important for the health of anyone living in the home. An exhaust fan will remove and disperse these dangerous odours, providing you with clean, breathable air. 


2. Protect the property from mould/mildew 

Mould is a very common household problem that occurs when there are moist areas in the home, left unattended to for long periods of time. Mould can develop and become a breeding ground for bacteria, leaving your home potentially inhabitable. 

You can protect your home and avoid this with properly designed and working ventilation, such as an exhaust fan from AusSecure. A small preventative measure for a dangerous problem. 

Exhaust fans have so many different uses and serve a vital part in keeping the air in your home safe. They ensure areas such as kitchens and bathrooms can smell clean and fresh, extracting any strong odours. Exhaust fans also work to remove the moisture from these rooms, minimising the risk of unsightly and sickly mould build-up. Additionally, exhaust fans also add to the safety features of your home. They work to remove chemical fumes given off by cleaning agents. These can otherwise cause numerous health-related issues.

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