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10 tips on how to play safe with sex toys

We know there are so many different ways, pleasure can take place, using sex toys are one of them. We also know there is a thing called self-pleasure, which can include a little intensifier. And most of us have heard of ‘Fake it, till you make it, but the case is, it doesn’t apply to orgasms. Fun fact, many people have their first orgasm, when they use sex toys.

However some people are not so sure about sex toys online, maybe because have bad experiences at starting or, they feel ashamed or afraid of using them which is normal, and nothing is being ashamed of using sex toys. Sex toys are innovative, intuitive, and adaptable. Some of the sex toys in India are contactless, so they make the nerves stay fully sensitive for multiple orgasms. With adult toys online, you can have, longer more intense erections which make your sex more stimulated than ever, for solo and even for couples. Sex toys are not about erection, pleasure, or fun but they are also good for health. You may have listened to or studied about this more often, but this is true and maybe this is your time to try it as it doesn’t matter how old you are, we all are worthy of this pleasure. We all know good sex or orgasm always helps us to release our stress. It works the same with sex toys, even better because you have control over your feelings. So sex toys are fully safe to use if you only keep a few things in mind. And for beginners or for people who had bad experiences, we have some tips about sex toys.

10 tips on how to play safe with sex toys:-

•Always read the instruction on the toy and always clean your toy, before and after use.

•Always apply a good amount of lubricant to your toy and even to your vagina, because your vagina isn’t meant to be touched dry. Then have a blast.

•People always get confused, while using their first toy. Always starting with the clitoral vibrator and the reason is, a research said that around 90% of people with vagina need external clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm. Startup with a clitoral vibrator and sometimes then experiment with other vibrators, for eg; rabbit vibrator or air suction cup vibrators, etc.

•Always look for one which is made of good high-quality material, medical-grade silicone, because it’s not porous, it won’t hold germs. And always looks for one with different speed, different settings, so that you can experiment with yourself.

•For safety reasons, the material of toys matters the most. So there are two types of material, there is a harder material that isn’t porous and bendy and those are mostly glass and high-quality silicon. Those are the best in terms of the fact they won’t hold the germs. And other are jelly-based toys, in these cases always look at the manufacturing, that they didn’t include any toxic chemical, other than that they are safe for use. Always look for materials used in the manufacturing of toys.

•There are some sites where you find that toys, toys won’t be called sex toys or vibrators, or adult toys. They will be called novelty objects, novelty toys. High recommend staying away from those products. Sometimes, few companies use that label to get around the more strict environment and quality control, so that’s the bottom line to stay away from those products.

•Pleasure and safety go hand in hand, it comes from choosing the right material, cleaning it after and even before the use, storing them properly. But most importantly, go slow. If you buy a toy with multiple speeds, always start with slow. Do not directly jump into high speed that maybe turns your pleasure into pain.

•Always use lubricants, for intense pleasure. People get confused about what kind of lubricant to use.
And we highly recommend going for water-based lubricant with your sex toys. Silicon-based lube is good for sexual pleasure but sex toys are already made of silicon and silicon-based lube damages your toy. So with sex toys always use water-based lube. And also do not use any kind of oil, always use manufactured lube.

•For storing queries, always store each toy separately. In case of losing the bag or the toy does not come in a bag, no normal store you in a normal plastic bag, but store them separately. And for cleaning, we recommend using sex toy cleaner available in the market. You can wash with warm water and antibacterial, but for better safety use sex toy cleaner. And always dry them properly.

•If you are using sex toys for BDSM, make sure you set a safe code. It should be anything but the most commonly used are non-verbal alphabets. In BDSM mutual consent is also very important and safety rules make them more pleasurable.

By keeping these points in mind you can have all the fun with sex toys without even worrying. For beginners, it is very important to have full information about sex toys. Always safety makes things more fun because we don’t have to worry if something goes wrong.

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